Butterfly Keyboard vs Magic Keyboard

If your keyboard is starting to feel a bit dated, then you may be considering a new one. However, there are a lot of different factors to consider when choosing a keyboard. The most important decision is usually which type of keyboard to get.

You might have heard a lot about the new Magic keyboard and Butterfly keyboard, but you may be unsure which one to choose. Well, don’t worry. We’re here to help you make the right decision.

These keyboards are amazing, but they have unique benefits and drawbacks. So read on and find out which one is right for you!

Butterfly Keyboard Vs. Magic Keyboard

The big difference is that the Magic Keyboard has traditional scissor-type keys. On the other hand, the Butterfly Keyboard has “butterfly”-style keys that are less stable and more prone to failure.

Furthermore, unlike the Butterfly keyboards, the Magic Keyboards have considerable depth. It means the latter delivers more feedback when pressing each key. Compared to the Magic Keyboards, the Butterfly keyboards feel stiff and shallow and are much louder.

How A Magic Keyboard Works

Magic keyboards are a type of keyboard that has a built-in trackpad. They work by using optical sensors to track finger movement. The scissor mechanism is used in the Magic Keyboard.

As the name implies, the scissor-switch keys are joined to the keyboard using two plastic bits that interlock in an X shape like a pair of scissors. Furthermore, pressing a key down causes the two pieces to close together like scissors.

You don’t need to use a mouse to move the cursor around the screen – you can use your fingers. Magic keyboards also have a ‘force touch’ trackpad. It means that you can press down harder on the trackpad to get different results, depending on the app that you’re using.

This scissor keyboard is unique in the superb typing experience and a trackpad that allows you to interface with iPadOS in new ways. A USB C port allows for passthrough charging and front and back protection.

These keyboards are wireless and connect to your devices using Bluetooth. They also have a rechargeable battery that lasts up to a month or more between charges. Moreover, they are covered in a silicone layer that helps them withstand spills and dirt.

The keyboard also has a backlight that makes it easy to type in the dark. This keyboard type is compatible with Mac models with macOS 11.3 or later. Other devices are iPad with iPadOS 14.5 or later, iPad Pro, and iPhone and iPod touch with iOS 14.5 or later.

How A Butterfly Switch Keyboard Works

The butterfly switch keyboard first hit the mainstream with the release of the 12-inch MacBook Pro 2016. The butterfly switch keyboard is thinner and more stable than traditional keyboards. The keys are made of a single piece of plastic attached to a metal dome.

As the name suggests, a butterfly mechanism is used in butterfly switch keyboards. The butterfly mechanism has a middle hinge, similar to a pair of scissors, and the two sides compress in a V or U shape.

Here’s how they work: beneath each key is a small metal butterfly. The butterfly is activated when you press a key and touch a corresponding metal contact. It completes the circuit and sends an electrical signal to your computer, telling it which key you’ve pressed.

Butterfly switch keyboards are thinner and take up less space than traditional keyboards. Thus, they’re ideal for laptops and other portable devices.

Is Magic Keyboard Same As Butterfly? (Similarities)

Apple’s Magic Keyboard and Butterfly Keyboard are slim, backlit keyboards with a rechargeable battery. They both have an aluminum enclosure and a single USB-C port.

Overall, the two keyboards are fairly similar. They both have a quiet typing feature and a comfortable design.

However, the Magic Keyboard may be a better option for people who need a numeric keypad, as the Butterfly Keyboard does not have one. But that’s where the similarities end.

Magic Keyboard Vs. Butterfly Keyboard (Differences)

Both keyboards have unique features. The Magic Keyboard has an extended numeric keypad and a built-in rechargeable battery.

Meanwhile, the Butterfly Keyboard design has a thin and multi-device Bluetooth connection. Let’s look at some of the key differences between the two keyboards.

  • The big difference is that the Magic Keyboard has traditional scissor-type keys. On the other hand, the Butterfly Keyboard has “butterfly”-style keys that are less stable and more prone to failure.
  •  The Magic Keyboard has a traditional layout, while the Butterfly keyboard has a split design. It means that the Magic Keyboard is more comfortable to use.
  •   Another big difference is that the butterfly keyboard is a lot thinner. This makes it a bit more difficult to type on, as there’s less key travel distance for each key. The magic keyboard has a more traditional key design, making it easier to type on.
  •  Unlike the Butterfly keyboard, the Magic Keyboard has considerable depth. It means the new version delivers more feedback when pressing each key. The butterfly keyboard feels stiff, shallow, and much louder than the Magic Keyboard.
  •  The Butterfly keyboard is also a bit less stable, as it’s easier for dust and dirt to get under the keys.
  •  The Magic Keyboard is also much quieter than the Butterfly keyboard. The keys on the Magic Keyboard have a scissor-switch mechanism. This makes for a stiffer key that requires less downward force to register a keystroke.
    An apple-crafted rubber dome switch activates the Butterfly keyboard’s keys, which are springier and bounces more when typing.

Is Apple Magic Keyboard Better Than Butterfly?

Apple Magic Keyboard is one of the latest keyboards released by Apple. It comes with several improvements over the old Butterfly keyboard.

Many people have debated whether it is better than the butterfly keyboard introduced in the MacBook Pro. The Magic Keyboard design has a few advantages over the butterfly keyboard design.

Apple Magic Keyboard is one of the latest keyboards released by Apple. It comes with several improvements over the old Butterfly keyboard.

Many people have debated whether it is better than the butterfly keyboard introduced in the MacBook Pro. The Magic Keyboard design has a few advantages over the butterfly keyboard design.

  • First, the Magic Keyboard has a traditional keyboard layout. You don’t have to adapt to a new way of typing when you switch to a MacBook Pro.
  • Second, the keys are scissor-style keys, which makes them more stable and responsive than butterfly keys generally. The Magic Keyboard feels more stable than the Butterfly Keyboard, aside from providing a better typing experience.
  • In terms of performance, this translates to a typing experience that is far more comfortable and enjoyable than the previous design.
  • Third, the Magic Keyboard has a backlight, which the butterfly keyboard does not have. Therefore, the Magic Keyboard would be better if you like to work in dark environments.
    These advantages mean that the Magic Keyboard is better than the butterfly keyboard. If you are looking for a new keyboard to buy, the Magic Keyboard over the butterfly keyboard.

Butterfly Keyboard Issues

The Butterfly keyboard has been a subject of much controversy since Apple introduced it in 2015 in its Apple stores.

  • The keyboard, found in the Mac notebook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air, has been reported faulty by many users. The keys often stick and don’t respond properly, with letters or symbols sticking or not registering properly, which can be incredibly frustrating.
  • Some users have reported that the keys do not reply when tapped. Others have reported that when tapped once, the keys respond twice.
  • Apart from the keyboard is another issue. It is a low profile, a flat keyboard that is more sensitive to dust and other particles than traditional keyboards.
    The design leaves a lot of room for dust, debris, and other particulates to collect. Therefore, clogging the keyboard mechanism and preventing it from working correctly.
    Apple has tried to fix the issue to improve the quality of those services. They created a free repair program and apple repair centers for users who have had such problems.

Why Apple Ditched Butterfly Keyboards

Apple’s butterfly keyboard has been nothing but trouble since its inception. The keyboard, which first debuted on the MacBook air in 2015, has been plagued with complaints of problematic hardware designs. Five years later, it seems that Apple had had enough.

You should note that Apple did acknowledge all of the issues with the butterfly keyboards. For numerous 5 long years, the manufacturer tried to solve these keyboards with various generations and enhancements.

Their goal was to develop and improve new modifications for these apple products. However, that did not seem to work for this apple product.

The company announced that it was abandoning the entire product lineup of the butterfly keyboard in favor of a more traditional keyboard design.

It was a decision Apple likely made because of the negative feedback that the company has been receiving. The move was likely an attempt to appease customers who have been frustrated with the keyboard’s many issues.


Comparing Butterfly keyboard, vs Magic Keyboard, the latter is the better option. The keyboard has a better design, is more comfortable to use, and has more features. In the end, even Apple obstinately stuck to the Magic keyboard and ditched the Butterfly keyboard.

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