Apple TV 32 vs 64 GB: Which Storage Size Is Ideal For You?

Do you have a liking for Apple products? The new Apple TV goes beyond just streaming media as it includes game features and an App Store. When it comes to getting a new Apple TV, the main decision you need to make is about storage size. Apple offers the Apple TV in 64 GB and 32 GB models, the same as how iPhone storage functions. 

Interestingly, storage seems to be more inexpensive on the Apple TV. This is good news for you. However, it is still a bit challenging to figure out if you should go for the 32 GB version or the 64 GB version. 

In this article, we will talk about the things you have to know when deciding between Apple TV 32 vs 64 GB. It should help you choose the best option for you, so stay tuned.

Understand The Objective of Apple TV Storage

The Apple TV has storage space to save your media files like music, photos, videos, movies, and TV shows. These files are stored in a way that your apps can read easily. There is also built-in storage available in this device for applications that you download from the app store. Apple TV does not have lots of space for storage. 

That is where the built-in storage helps you. It’s important to know that this built-in storage has limited storage capacity. Therefore, if you like to store many movies or songs, you will have to utilize an external storage device such as a USB flash drive or SD card. 

However, Apple developers have recently introduced smart ways to save space on your TV. They use technology inside the apps to download only the content you require when you necessitate it. Any content that you don’t need is deleted and gets downloaded again when you need it. You can always check how much space your apps are using. 

To check it, firstly, go to the settings of your Apple TV. Then click on the general option. Finally, navigate to the “Manage Storage” option inside the “Usage” label. To remove an app you don’t require, just click on the Trash icon next to it. 

Apple TV saves the storage space on your device by using cloud storage. iCloud lets you get to your music and photos online. Only the photos and music you use the most are saved on your device. The remaining files are downloaded when you want them.

Apple TV 32 vs 64: What Are The Major Differences?

The main difference between the 32 GB Apple TV and the 64 GB Apple TV lies in their storage capacity. In terms of how they operate, they’re almost the same. So, what sets them apart? Let’s explore a detailed comparison between the Apple 32 GB and 64 GB models below:

Playing Games

If you like heavy and large games such as PUBG, Free Fire, or any 3D games, the Apple TV 64 GB is the perfect choice for installing and playing them. However, if you enjoy Apple Arcade games or basic games, like 2D platformers, the 32 GB Apple TV is more than sufficient.

Concerning Variations In Internet Speed

If you have good internet speed, the smaller capacity model should meet your needs. So, the 32GB Apple TV is the perfect choice in this case. Having more storage means you don’t have to download content repeatedly. 

With the 64GB model, more of the data stays on your device when new content is downloaded, reducing delays when your internet is slow. This can help improve latency during times of limited connectivity.

Installing New Applications

Each week, new aerial screensavers get downloaded and take up about 1 GB of storage. For adding new apps, the 64 GB Apple TV is a better choice compared to the 32 GB Apple TV. Nevertheless, there may be times when it isn’t feasible to utilize different streaming apps to accumulate the cache and then remove it when you need more space.

Regarding Media Server

Choosing the latest Apple TV in either 32 GB or 64 GB is a great decision for a streaming device. Just remember, the ATV functions as a streaming or client unit, not a media server. When downloading video from it, there should be no issues, especially when paired with the best monitor.


The major distinction between the 64 GB and the 32 GB Apple TV models lies in the amount of storage they come with. For an average user, the 32 GB model is usually sufficient. Some users have shared that after installing more than 21 apps, they just used around 1 GB of storage. This indicates that 32 GB is sufficient if your usage is not heavy.

Nevertheless, if you’re an avid gamer and spend a lot of time on the screen, then perhaps the 64 GB Apple TV is the better option. Games tend to take up a lot of storage, and the 64 GB model ensures that it won’t affect your gaming experience. Some users prefer to be ready for every situation. 

They like to get more space for future needs. If you fall into this category, you might consider buying the 64 GB Apple TV. If you are mindful of your future needs, then the Apple TV 64 GB can provide you with peace of mind.

Caches Resolutions

You can utilize Apple TV to access your pictures and music libraries stored in iCloud. Apple has cleverly found a method to save only the frequently viewed and most recent content on the Apple TV. Aside from this, many other data uses are often ignored. Aerial Screensavers, each around 1 GB, are regularly downloaded on Apple TVs.

When you ask for it, your device receives content from the past history that has not been accessed in a long time. The cache, designed to be removed when more storage is needed, can be filled up by utilizing multiple streaming apps simultaneously. 

However, this does not always occur when you download a new application. Therefore, for individuals seeking to stream more media files to their caches, the Apple TV 64 GB model is the perfect choice.

Video Streaming

The 32 GB Apple TV 4K from Apple is the most budget-friendly option if you are thinking about using the device mainly for a video streaming service or a video streaming device. If you have plans to download numerous movies, we recommend opting for the 64 GB Apple TV due to its bigger storage capacity.

In-Home Services

The Apple TV in both 32 and 64 GB variants has been built into HomeKit hubs. Also, Siri might serve the purpose of a home assistant in the near future. These modifications could place extra pressure on your Apple TV’s internal storage.


The best experience of your Apple TV mainly revolves around media, whether it’s from  Apple TV+, Apple Music, or streaming applications such as Netflix. Most of this media, no matter where it comes from, is streamed. So, if your main activity is streaming, you do not really require lots of storage space on your Apple TV. 

That’s why the more affordable 32GB model could be just right for you. Also, if you’re only using Home Kit, the 64 GB model might be more than you need. The 32 GB Apple TV is likely to do the job effectively for you. 

However, for folks who want quick access to numerous multimedia content or gamers, the 64 GB Apple TV might be worth considering. It’s likely to provide a better experience, especially for heavy users, without worrying too much about bandwidth.

Additional Functions

Recently, the 32 GB and 64 GB Apple TVs came with new features such as HomePod home theater audio, Apple Fitness Plus, and multi-user support. As a result, they have grown up and been introduced to tvOS in every place. 

Now, with the new Apple TV 4K, you can utilize the original HomePod to enjoy songs from any HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface)  device. It’s useful to have 64 GB of space in case Apple launches new features or applications.


Apple gives you a good price deal on their Apple TV storage choices. If you want more space, you just have to pay only a few dollars more to get double the storage. Though the 32 GB Apple TV is the cheaper option, the 64 GB one is a better deal when you think about the price you spend on storage. 

The Apple TV 32 GB price is $179, and the Apple TV 64 GB  price is $199. For just $20 extra, you can get double the storage. That’s a lot cheaper than upgrading storage on your iPhone or nearly any other Apple device. 

Sometimes, there are even some discounts that take $10 off the 64 GB Apple TV, making it only $189. In the end, you have to decide if spending $20 more for extra storage is worth it, or if you’d rather use that money to purchase some games and movies.

Final Verdict: Which Apple TV should you buy?

In conclusion, when deciding between the Apple TV 32 vs 64 GB, clarity is essential. If you like to use your Apple TV for listening to music, gaming, and watching movies and TV shows, the 64 GB model might be the better choice. 

On the other hand, for users with a solid Internet connection who do not require numerous apps daily, saving $20 and opting for the 32 GB Apple TV could be a wise move. Ultimately, your decision relies on how you intend to use the device. 

Both 32 GB and 64 GB versions offer similar features aside from storage. You have to consider your budget and needs when choosing between the two models.

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