Android vs Apple Meme: A Comparison Guide

People create memes to highlight the differences between Apple devices and Android devices, adding humor to the comparison. There are various methods to compare the two smartphone operating systems, but funny memes are the most common ones. These memes often center around the device’s camera quality but can touch on other features. 

In the Android vs Apple meme debate, there isn’t a clear winner. Each platform has its strengths and weaknesses, and the choice often comes down to personal preference. 

For some Android users, the abundance of customization options is a good deal, while others may like the user-friendly nature and simplicity of the iOS interface. Let’s discuss more about this topic in this article.

Some Examples Of Android Vs Apple Memes

Memes about Android vs. Apple are a common method to distinguish between them. Back on June 25, 2010, a YouTuber named Tiny Watch created an animated video comparing the HTC Evo and the iPhone using two animals. 

This video got over 17 million views in almost ten years. In 2011, on June 15th, Androidiani shared a Rage Comic that also compared Android and iPhone. Then, on September 15th, 2012, a YouTuber named Giga Vintage posted a video titled “Shit Android Fanatics Say.” In the video, a person tried to spin the perceived weaknesses of Android phones as strengths.

Why Is iPhone Better Than Android?

iOS devices are often smoother and quicker compared to Android devices. This is because the iPhone operating system is made to work particularly with Apple hardware. On the flip side, Android is made to work with different hardware from various manufacturers. 

As a result, the iPhone operating system generally has better performance. Right now, iOS and Android dominate the mobile operating systems market around the world. Android has the bigger slice, with around 70% of the market, while iOS holds about 28%. 

This domination is likely to remain the same in the near future because getting into the mobile operating system market is extremely tough. Let’s check out some excellent features of iOS devices:

Enhanced Privacy Controls

In a recent big update for iOS, they published a great feature known as app tracking notifications. This lets you decide if you want apps to track you around on your phone. Privacy fans loved it, but it hit some third-party companies hard, such as Facebook. Now, Android does not come with this feature, and it’s doubtful they ever will. 

Just because iOS has this feature doesn’t mean it’s naturally more private compared to Android. Apple still gathers lots of info about you, but iOS puts up a bit more of a fight against third-party tracking. Saying no to an app that is trying to track you is pretty satisfying.

Better App Collection

Apple’s App Store has a slightly better collection of apps compared to Android’s Google Play Store. However, the gap between them is getting smaller day by day. Games and Apps often show up on iOS first and are of better quality because application developers can make more money there.

Also, iOS also offers a big collection of “pro” applications for making and editing audio, images, and video. These applications are generally designed to work well on your iPhone and the larger screen of your iPad. On the other hand, multiple Android tablet applications just look like bigger versions of phone applications.

A Larger Collection of Accessories

Go to any Target or Best Buy retail shop, and you will see rows of cases for each iPhone model that Apple manufactures. Something you can’t really say for Android phones, except the flagship ones from the largest organizations. Once you move past the decent collection of items for the latest Galaxy S models, you are pretty much out of options. 

Don’t count on finding accessories for your new Motorola or Pixel phone in a regular retail store. Sure, you can visit online and buy a $4 case from Amazon, but you might get what you pay for. 

The availability and variety of iPhone accessories such as cases, car mounts, screen protectors, and other products are just way more than you will find for any other mobile. That is a crucial factor that many folks might not realize. If you have an iPhone, you’ll never struggle to find a case you like.

Offers Long-term Value

Apple supports iPhones for a long period, making it easy to pass them on to your family members and friends. You don’t need to stress about application compatibility or security issues. Also, when it’s time to upgrade, iOS devices hold their value better compared to Android devices. Therefore, you can sell iOS devices for more money or obtain a better trade-in deal.

Quicker Software Updates

iPhones get more updates than Android phones. Android updates occur less often and are usually delayed, except for Google’s Pixels. Depending on its price, where you buy it, and the maker’s update policy, the Android phone gets its updates. Recently, Android device makers have improved their update policies, but Apple still offers more updates. 

Consider the iPhone XR as an example. It got iOS 17, although it came out five years ago.  When a new iOS update comes out, everyone can get it simultaneously and install it right away on all supported models. On the contrary, Android releases come out in waves separately for each phone, not all at once or by model.

Excellent Customer Support

If your device has a software or hardware issue, or if it’s three or four years old and needs a new battery, getting help is simple. Apple provides a special support website and app with various remote options. 

Alternatively, you can schedule an in-person appointment at your nearest Apple Store. Keep in mind that if the Genius Bar is busy, it might take a while, and fixing your device can be costly if it’s out of the warranty period or you did not obtain an AppleCare+ protection plan.

Why Is Android Better Than iPhone?

iOS devices have many advantages, but they may not suit everyone. Unlike iPhones, good Android phones come in many more sizes and shapes. While high-quality Android phones can be as pricey as iPhones, you can find good ones for less than $200 and excellent ones for under $400.

In the past, the Android platform was slower with security and software updates, but it has improved. Also, it is more customizable compared to iOS. Below are some other facts we appreciate about Android.

Better customization options 

If you enjoy customizing your phones, tablets, and computers to suit your requirements, iOS might not offer enough flexibility. Although Apple has recently made it simpler to personalize your iPhone, allowing changes like reorganizing home-screen icons, text size adjustment, and using third-party keyboards or widgets. 

The way the app icons appear can also be customized with some effort. Still, all Apple devices share a similar look and functionality. Android provides similar customization options, but it goes further. You can entirely replace your device’s home screen with various customizable, flexible application launchers. 

Android also lets you pick your default applications for different file types or tasks, similar to a computer. While iOS 14 allows changing the default email application and web browser, the remaining of the operating system remains restricted. 

It’s Available on Various Hardware

The most significant advantage of Android lies in hardware. Android devices are available on a wide range of hardware. This includes choices for those who prefer excellent battery life, larger screens, or a physical keyboard. 

If the phone brand you like takes away a feature you use a lot, such as a fingerprint sensor or headphone jack from its latest phone, you can look for what you require elsewhere. With iOS, you only get the choices that Apple makes.

You Will Find Phones at Various Prices

Most smartphones in this world run on the Android operating system. Many companies make Android phones, so you can find them in every price range. There are affordable options for less than $500, such as the Pixel 7a. You can also find some of the best big and small Android phones along with foldables and phablets that can cost over $1,000.

Whatever your spending budget is, you can likely find an Android device that suits your budget or has special features. This is different from iPhones, which have usually been expensive when they first come out and only get cheaper with each new model. 

The cheapest iPhone you can get from Apple is the iPhone SE (2022). It’s a great device with excellent performance for just $429. However, its design is a bit old, and the screen might be very small for some people.

Better Storage Options

While iPhones don’t allow you to increase their internal storage, some Android phones come with a microSD card slot. This slot lets you add more internal storage for pictures, movies, and applications. Additionally, you can utilize Google Drive space to save various things, from documents to pictures.

Apple’s iCloud service also helps with storing photographs and videos. iOS provides some other features to save space, such as removing games and applications you don’t often use without losing the saved data. However, you still cannot add more local storage to an iOS device later on. Google offers 15 GB of cloud storage for its free Google Drive tier. This free space is more than Apple’s 5 GB.

Final Words

In the realm of the Android vs Apple meme, it’s not easy to declare a definite victor. This meme trend is a portion of a longstanding conversation topic distinguishing between the two smartphone platforms. 

Determining who takes the crown is a challenge because each operating system has its pros and cons. Nevertheless, it’s certain that both Android and iPhone users can discover numerous amusing memes to enjoy.

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